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About Us

About Us

All rise in Monroe County – Classic American character and the setting for world-class global performance.

We may be south on the Alabama map, but if you want to find the essence of Monroeville and Monroe County, look up.

Look up at city skylines—in Atlanta, for example, where you’ll see buildings constructed with precast concrete systems made right here in Monroe County at Gate Precast, a crucial supporting player in Atlanta’s construction boom.

On the Internet, look up rankings for the “book most widely read by U.S. high school students” or “book most often cited as making a difference,” and you’ll find To Kill a Mockingbird number one in the first category and number two in the second category. (The Bible ranked first.) Birthplace and lifelong hometown of Mockingbird author Harper Lee, Monroeville has been named Alabama’s Literary Capital for its nurturing of notable writers that also include Truman Capote and novelist Mark Childress.

And if literary imaginations take flight here, industry finds an exceptional location for launching success, in a strategic position halfway between the state capital of Montgomery and the global ports of Mobile and the Gulf Coast as well as the industrial assets of the I-10 Aerospace Corridor. Here, manufacturing and distribution operations enjoy superb logistical connections and easy reach to industrial giants like Airbus, AM/NS Calvert, Hyundai and Mercedes Benz.

Raising standards, rising success

When To Kill a Mockingbird came out in 1960, the novel’s hero, lawyer Atticus Finch (based on Lee’s own father, a Monroeville lawyer and newspaper editor) led the way for an entire nation to raise its eyes to higher standards of tolerance and equal justice. At the time Mockingbird became a sensation, industry was also on the rise in Monroe County. Already the state’s largest cotton market and a flourishing timber center, the county was also taking the lead as a premiere industrial location and partner, powering manufacturing success with a workforce of unparalleled quality.

Rising to challenges

More recently as newer economic challenges arrived, the county’s initiative never flagged, our standards for excellence never lowered. While our literary figures have inspired the world, global manufacturers have discovered an unstinting quality and can-do workforce that speak volumes about our own character.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our industries—at Gate Precast, at GP Cellulose’s thriving pulp processing, at Fruit of the Loom’s fast moving distribution center, at Billy Barnes’ on-the-go, on-the-grow national trucking operation.

A lawyer stands up for justice. A writer lives up to her genius. Ascending skylines. Expanded horizons. It’s the power of classic American character. It’s why all rise in Monroe County—people, industry, and prosperity.

Isn’t it time to rise with us?


Monroeville/Monroe County
Economic Development Authority

15 N. Mount Pleasant Ave.
Monroeville, AL 36460

Phone: 251-743-1332
Fax: 251-743-2012

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Monroeville is known worldwide as the “Literary Capital of Alabama.”  Did you also know we are home to North America’s largest producer of mass market pulp?  Or that Gate Precast in Monroeville has been the architectural precast manufacturer of more than 50% of Atlanta’s skyline?  Or finally that we have more than 17 times the US average for counties our size of people working in the Long Distance Freight Trucking industry?

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