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Creating community – Higher benchmarks and deeper values in Alabama’s Literary Capital.

How do you create lasting quality?

For Monroe County industry, the answer is high standards and a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce.

For Monroe writers, literary genius combines with great settings, and for Monroe residents, preserving literary heritage has become a labor of love. Every year for an entire month, Monroeville stages an acclaimed theatrical adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird starring an all-volunteer cast. The play opens on the lawn of the Old Courthouse Museum, then cast and audience move inside into the Old Courthouse’s majestic courtroom for the dramatic second act.

It’s the same courtroom that Hollywood modeled for the movie adaptation starring Gregory Peck. And in fact, the movie, book and character have been so influential to the national and state legal profession that in 1997 the state of Alabama erected a Monroeville monument-designating Mockingbird as the “first commemorative milestone in the state’s judicial history.”

A model for more than movies

Of course, great performances and milestone achievements are year-round, year-in, year-out activities in Monroe County. And in the place that birthed the world’s most famous lawyer, the benchmarks just keep improving: In our K-12 schools, STEM learning is emphasized while career paths for our students mean college and career-readiness are more than just words. In Alabama’s designated “Literary Capital,” students are accumulating the intellectual capital and technical skills they need to lead and succeed on the world stage.

Affordable. Inviting.

Monroe County’s high-achieving schools combine with inviting neighborhoods and especially affordable housing to create an ideal environment to grow a family. Low-cost healthcare provides another quality measure that helps bring the Monroe County cost of living to 17% below the national average. And if the price is right, the pace is perfect: Excellent retail and dining choices are always on the menu, and great recreation is always just around the corner, in beautifully laid out city parks, abundant lakes and streams, and a state park offering over 2,000 acres of lush long-leaf pine forest and activities ranging from zip lining to handicapped hunting. Splash in our attractive new city pool, and remember, you’re barely more than two hours from the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast.

Planning for prosperity

Since Monroe County and Monroeville became an inaugural pick for the “Alabama Community of Excellence” program a decade ago, we’ve continued to build on our success. Now, with economic prospects on the upswing, and local leadership thinking and planning ahead, prosperity looks assured now and in the future.

It’s all about lasting quality in Monroe County. We’ve produced a lot of great things here, and one of our best things we’ve made is our community.

The write place, the right time: Springtime in Alabama’s Literary Capital


Monroeville/Monroe County
Economic Development Authority

15 N. Mount Pleasant Ave.
Monroeville, AL 36460

Phone: 251-743-1332
Fax: 251-743-2012

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Monroeville is known worldwide as the “Literary Capital of Alabama.”  Did you also know we are home to North America’s largest producer of mass market pulp?  Or that Gate Precast in Monroeville has been the architectural precast manufacturer of more than 50% of Atlanta’s skyline?  Or finally that we have more than 17 times the US average for counties our size of people working in the Long Distance Freight Trucking industry?

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