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Our Aerospace Cluster

The following aerospace companies are located in our area:Aerospace

  • Airbus in Mobile
    • $600 million facility assembles A320s
  • GKN Aerospace in Montgomery
    • Manufactures and assembles high-performance composite structures
  • Continental Motors in Mobile
    • Manufactures jet engines and parts for jet engines
  • VT Aerospace Mobile
    • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility
  • Sikorsky in Troy
    • Designers and builders of helicopters


  • 105 acres are available adjacent to a 6,100 ft. runway at our airport
  • Our labor shed has more than the US average labor shed in avionics technicians
  • Our labor shed has 3 times the US average labor shed in aircraft structure and assembly workers
  • Our labor shed has seen 28% growth in the number of aircraft structure and assembly workers from 2013-2018
  • Our labor shed has more than double the US average in number of millwrights
  • Our labor shed has more than double the US average number of welders
  • Our labor shed has 1.5 times more electricians than the average US labor shed
  • Click here to view all the aerospace companies in Alabama

Skilled Labor

  • Alabama is a Right-To-Work state
  • 2,297 Electricians
  • 2,141 Military Occupations
  • 1,852 Welders
  • 1,774 Team Assemblers
  • 1,727 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  • 642 Machinists
  • 612 Industrial Engineers
  • 608 Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Operators
  • 597 Molding, Coremaking, and Casting Machine Operators
  • 554 Software Developers, Applications
  • 517 Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
  • 515 Industrial Production Managers
  • 507 Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians
  • 465 Electrical Engineers
  • 398 Mechanical Engineers
  • 292 Logisticians
  • 250 Layout Workers, Metal and Plastic
  • 235 Aircraft Structure and Systems Assemblers
  • 212 Millwrights
  • 176 Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • 169 Sheet Metal Workers
  • 156 Grinding, Lapping, and Polishing Machine Operators
  • 153 Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers
  • 151 Coating, Painting, and Spraying Machine Operators
  • 141 Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators
  • 133 Electrical Equipment Assemblers
  • 123 Commercial Pilots
  • 111 Multiple Machine Tool Operators
  • 103 Extruding and Drawing Machine Operators
  • 78 Materials Engineers
  • 57 Tool and Die Makers
  • 45 Lathe and Turning Machine Operators
  • 46 Plating and Coating Machine Operators

Engineers in the Labor Shed

  • 728 Civil Engineers
  • 612 Industrial Engineers
  • 465 Electrical Engineers
  • 398 Mechanical Engineers
  • 113 Aerospace Engineers
  • 78 Materials Engineers

Aerospace Companies in the Labor Shed

  • 20 support activities companies for air transportation
  • 6 aircraft manufacturers
  • 6 aircraft engine manufacturers

Workforce Training


  • AIDT is recognized as one of the top 5 workforce training agencies in the US. Their services include:
    • Pre-Employment (Training Development, Videography, Media and Project Support)
    • Post-Employment/On-the-Job Training Support
    • Maintenance Assessments
    • Safety Assistance and Training
    • Leadership Development
    • Process Improvement (Continuous Improvement)


University of Alabama

University of Alabama

  • Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
  • 36,155 total students


Auburn University

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • 25,912 total students

Alabama Aviation Center in Mobile (Enterprise State Community College)

Alabama Aviation Center

  • Programs include:
    • Airframe
    • Powerplant (A&P)
    • Avionics
    • Advanced Composites

Monroe County Airport

  • General aviation airport with over 20,000 aircraft operations per year
  • 6,100 ft. runway
  • 105 acres for development surrounding

Transportation Infrastructure


  • Monroe County is located 14 miles from Interstate 65 along Highway 84 (the east-west El Camino Corridor)


  • Monroeville has access to 4 Class I Railroads (CSX, NS, CN, and KCS) via these 2 railroads which are both headquartered in Monroeville:


    Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway (AGR)

    • The Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway (AGR), headquartered in Monroeville, is a Class II railroad owned by Genesee & Wyoming (operates 120 railroads in 5 countries)
      • Interchanges with NS, CN, KCS

    Alabama Railroad (ALAB)

    Alabama Railroad (ALAB)

    • The Alabama Railroad (ALAB), headquartered in Monroeville, is a short-line railroad owned by Pioneer Railcorp (operates 24 short-line railroads in 13 states)
      • Interchanges with CSX
  • We have more than 3.5 times the US average for counties our size of people working in the Rail Transport business in Monroe County

Utility Infrastructure

Electric Power

Alabama Power

Alabama Power

  • Operated by the Southern Company
  • $5 billion in annual revenue
  • Supplies over 45,000 customers

Southern Pine Electric Coop

Southern Pine Electric Coop

  • 20,000 customers
  • Baldwin, Conecuh, Covington, Escambia, and Monroe Counties in Alabama


South Alabama Gas

South Alabama Gas

  • Serves 34,000 + Customers


City of Monroeville

City of Monroeville

  • The City of Monroeville provides water and sewer services to all our industrial parks.

Construction Costs

  • According to RSMeans Construction Cost Data, Monroe County is less expensive than the following:
    • $30/sq. ft. less expensive to build a manufacturing plant and $19/sq. ft. less expensive to build a warehouse than the US average
    • $4/sq. ft. less expensive to build a manufacturing plant and $2/sq. ft. less expensive to build a warehouse than in Montgomery
    • $11/sq. ft. less expensive to build a manufacturing plant and $6/sq. ft. less expensive to build a warehouse than in Mobile
    • $14/ sq. ft. less expensive to build a manufacturing plant and $9/sq. ft. less expensive to build a warehouse than in Birmingham
    • $17/sq. ft. less expensive to build a manufacturing plant $11/sq. ft. less expensive to build warehouse than in Atlanta

Support Services

  • 282 Commercial Banks
  • 132 Temporary Help Services
  • 94 General Long Distance Freight Trucking
  • 92 Site Preparation Contractors
  • 89 Specialized Freight Trucking
  • 73 Industrial Machinery Wholesalers
  • 52 Machine Shops
  • 46 Security Guard and Patrol Services
  • 46 Freight Transportation Arrangement
  • 43 Civil Engineering Construction
  • 43 General Freight Local Trucking
  • 38 Industrial Supply Wholesalers
  • 34 Concrete Manufacturers
  • 29 Chemical Wholesalers
  • 29 Industrial Building Construction
  • 26 Electrical Wholesalers
  • 25 General Warehousing and Storage
  • 24 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturers
  • 17 Solid Waste Collection
  • 15 Sheet Metal Work Manufacturer
  • 10 Heavy Transportation Equipment Wholesalers
  • 9 Inland Water Freight Transportation Companies
  • 7 Chartered Air Transportation Companies
  • 7 Metal Coating Shops
  • 6 Plating Shops
  • 6 Industrial Gas Manufacturers
  • 3 Deep Sea Freight Transportation Companies
  • 3 Plate Work Manufacturers
  • 2 Hazardous Waste Collection
  • 1 Industrial Valve Manufacturer

Taxes & Business Costs

  • No inventory tax
  • 6.5% state corporate income tax rate
    • 15 year carry-forward of net operating losses
  • Business privilege tax capped at $15,000
  • Property taxes in Alabama are the lowest in the nation
  • Unemployment Insurance is 2.7% based with an $8,000 wage base
  • 1.81 Worker’s Comp Rate
  • 9% Sales Tax Rate

Buildings & Sites


  • Sellable State Corporate Income Tax Credits
    • Alabama Capital Investment Tax Credits provide 5% of your upfront invested capital as a tax credit each year for 20 years. So, over 20 years you are eligible to recoup 100% of your upfront capital investment.
    • In 2015, Alabama passed legislation to allow companies to sell these tax credits to generate cash to go into a project.
  • Payroll Tax Credits
    • 4% for 10 years
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
    • May finance up to 100% of real estate and/or equipment costs
  • Property Tax Abatements
    • Local property tax portions not including the school portions may be abated for up to 10 years
  • New Market Tax Credits
    • 39% federal tax credit recouped over 7 years
  • Sales/Use Tax Abatement on Construction Materials
  • Enterprise Zone
    • Company can choose to expect 100% of 1 of these: state income tax, business privilege tax, or sales/use tax for 5 years and 50% of the other 2
    • $2,500 per employee tax credit

Source of Business and Labor Numbers: Trent Lott National Center for Economic Development, University of Southern Mississippi


Monroeville/Monroe County
Economic Development Authority

15 N. Mount Pleasant Ave.
Monroeville, AL 36460

Phone: 251-743-1332
Fax: 251-743-2012

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Monroeville is known worldwide as the “Literary Capital of Alabama.”  Did you also know we are home to North America’s largest producer of mass market pulp?  Or that Gate Precast in Monroeville has been the architectural precast manufacturer of more than 50% of Atlanta’s skyline?  Or finally that we have more than 17 times the US average for counties our size of people working in the Long Distance Freight Trucking industry?

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