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We incentivize and support your operation at every level.

As Alabama’s Literary Capital, the people of Monroe County and Monroeville have a way with words, but when it comes to supporting our industry, we think actions speak louder. That’s why we offer incentives on every level — federal, state, and local.

Our goal isn’t simply to attract industry but also to foster long-term growth and engage in lasting partnerships that generate prosperity. Bottom line: You’ll want to be here because we’re here for you, now and throughout the future.

See below the incentives we offer, and do not hesitate to contact the MMCEDA if you have questions or seek help. Give us a call at 251-743-1332 or email



Ad Valorem Property Tax Abatement

Qualified companies receive an abatement of the non-education and non-hospital portion of a company’s real and personal ad valorem property taxes for up to 10 years. To qualify, manufacturers must have a capital investment of at least $2 million, or in the case of expansions, the lower of $2 million or 30% of the original investment. The assessment ratio in Alabama is 20% of market value.

Millage Rates

  • City, County, & State Total Mills: 31.00 mills
  • City, County, & State Education/Hospital Mills: 17.00 mills (may not be abated)
  • City, County, & State Non-Education and Non-Hospital Mills: 14.00 mills (may be abated)

Sales Tax Abatement

Qualified companies receive an abatement of the non-education and non-hospital portion of city, county, and state sales tax on the purchase of construction materials. Eligibility requirements are the same as for ad valorem tax abatement.


State of Alabama Incentives

The State of Alabama offers many incentives to assist new and existing industries with relocation, expansion, and sustainability, including infrastructure support, workforce training, and more.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) assures global industry of maximum ease and cost-effectiveness in the flow of goods and materials, which is why Monroe County is ready to provide a sub-zone for companies that require it. The FTZ allows your operation to

  • Reduce, defer or eliminate duties: Drive down costs of parts, exported goods, and material that is scrapped, wasted, or consumed in the manufacturing process. Companies can also eliminate duties on sales to the U.S. Department of Defense and government entities such as NASA.
  • Slash paperwork and processing costs: Eliminate weekly entry fees.
  • Make efficient zone-to-zone transfers.

New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC)

New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) rewards investors for supporting our community. The NMTC allows individual and corporate investors to receive a substantial tax credit against federal income tax obligations in exchange for making equity investments in Community Development Entities (CDEs), which provide capital to designated areas of Monroe County. The credit totals 39% of the original investment amount and is claimed over seven years (5% percent for each of the first three years and 6% for each of the remaining four years).