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Federal Incentives

Monroeville/Monroe County Tax Abatements and Incentives

Ad Valorem Property Tax Abatement

Qualified companies receive an abatement of the non-education portion of a company’s real and personal ad valorem property taxes for up to 10 years. To qualify, manufacturers must have a capital investment of at least $2 million, or in the case of expansions, the lower of $2 million or 30% of the original investment. The assessment ratio in Alabama is 20% of market value. See millage rates*.

Sales Tax Abatement

Qualified companies receive an abatement of the non-education and non-hospital portion of city, county, and state sales tax on the purchase of construction materials. Eligibility requirements are the same as for ad valorem tax abatement.

* Millage Rates
  • City, County, & State Total Mills: 31.00 mills
  • City, County, & State Education/Hospital Mills: 17.00 mills (may not be abated)
  • City, County, & State Non-Education and Non-Hospital Mills: 14.00 mills (may be abated)

Industrial Revenue Bonds

  • May finance up to 100% of real estate and/or equipment costs


Monroeville/Monroe County
Economic Development Authority

15 N. Mount Pleasant Ave.
Monroeville, AL 36460

Phone: 251-743-1332
Fax: 251-743-2012

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Monroeville is known worldwide as the “Literary Capital of Alabama.”  Did you also know we are home to North America’s largest producer of mass market pulp?  Or that Gate Precast in Monroeville has been the architectural precast manufacturer of more than 50% of Atlanta’s skyline?  Or finally that we have more than 17 times the US average for counties our size of people working in the Long Distance Freight Trucking industry?

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